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  • introducing-goblins--grottos
    Goblins & Grottos is a new collaboration between Psychic Software (from Ireland) and Goblin Portal (from Sweden). We’re calling Goblins & Grottos an “inverted RPG”. You play as the goblin, trying to escape a series of dungeon levels while a team of callous adventurers lays ... READ MORE

  • galway-game-developers-website-released
    Galway Games Developers New Website Released and featuring various Games / Developers based in Galway. If your a Games Developer or have released a Game not on here, please get in contact with us to be included on the Website.  READ MORE

  • howling-hamsters-first-birthday
    They say time flies when you're having fun, well I can tell you it also flies when 3 of you are crammed in a tiny room trying to work out things like why your submarine is passing straight through the bloody mesh colliders or why the hell a model that was behaving perfectly well in Blender decid... READ MORE

  • when-doomcube-met-doom
    A few weeks ago in August, myself and Alan Duggan from Tribal City Games, were invited to Dublin to speak with John (“Wolfenstien 3D”, “Doom” &  “Quake”) & Brenda Romero (“Wizardry”, “Dungeons & Dragons”, “T... READ MORE