About Us

Community Group for Games Development & Developers in Galway, Ireland. Join our group if you're in Galway, from Galway and in games development. This group is community driven where we share news, games we are working on, and much more.

Our Story

Galway is well known for it's Arts and recently as one of the best micro cities for technology / medtech. The Games Development Industry in Galway and West of Ireland began back in the 1980's and continues to grow with new game developers setting up in recent times.

Galway is home to EA Games, Pulse College, and many Irish Game Development companies. The community showcases the local games being made in Galway at various events during the year and holds regular meet-ups for the industry & new developers to connect & support each other.

Galway Games Developers,is open to all Game Developers in Galway

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