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About Us

We primarily specialize in 2D video game graphics and animation. However, our diverse skill set allows us to tackle a wide variety of projects and media. We’ve been creating game art as a professional service for 7 years, working with many international and big name clients. 

We’ve worked on over 80 games across multiple platforms, including mobile & smart phones, Nintendo DS & tablet devices.

Gaming Platforms: Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PSP, NDS, PDA, iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Our Games

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The Darkside Detective

RELEASED The Darkside Detective is a micro-adventure game. Developed by Spooky Doorway.
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Aporkalypse Now!

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Lep’s World 3

RELEASED Lep’s World 3 is the second sequel in the hugely successful franchise.
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Theme Park

RELEASED Back in 2012 DoomCube worked on EA’s Theme Park for smart phones and tablets.
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RELEASED SolaRola is a cute platform / puzzle game developed by Progressive Media and published by Square Enix.
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Street Flight

RELEASED Street Flight is a simple paper glider game developed by Appadeus.
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Alien Jump

RELEASED Alien Jump – Highly Addictive is a jump game in the vein of Doodle Jump, that was developed by Austria’s Ner Brothers.
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Attack from Outer Space!

RELEASED Attack from Outer Space! is a retro sci-fi themed side scrolling shooter, developed for iOS and Android devices.
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Mystery Mania

RELEASED Mystery Mania is a point and click adventure with a lot of style and a hell of a lot of heart.
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Tiki Towers 2

RELEASED Tiki Towers 2 Monkey Republic is the sequel to the successful Tiki Towers, one of the earliest physics based games on the iPhone.
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RELEASED The A-Team™ is a shoot’em’up for the iPhone and other smart phones based on the new movie. It’s a classic top down shooter with simple touch screen controls.
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Sims 3 – World Adventures

RELEASED Sims™ 3 World Adventures is a mobile phone game based on the hugely successful Sims™ franchise on PC.